Coat/Bisht Style

The coat-style is so current! It has taken the Arab fashion scene by storm and has crept its way into the most-fashionable Pakistani and Indian fashion circles as well! Some people seem hesitant, but to those people I say, take the risk! Trust me, it’s worth it. 

In the Arab world it is referred to as a Bisht. The coats are either plain or embellished and come in a variety of cuts. Some are straight, some are more flared. 

We love this style for several reasons:

A) It is timeless. A total classic. It is something you can pass down to your children because it will always look great and on-trend. 

B) It is comfortable and flatters almost all body types. I have seen pregnant women wearing these coats and they just love them. They rave about the comfort and how it looks stunning. 

C) It is SO versatile. Members of the Ashrafi team have worn the coats over embellished slips to weddings, and have worn them over a pair of jeans and a t-shirt. Both times they have received countless compliments. These coats can dress up an outfit, but can also be dressed down. 

The Bisht/Coats are a staple in the Ashrafi closet. A great investment piece! 

Here is an example of a Bisht worn by a lovely Kuwaiti blogger:

And here is one of our Bisht/Coat styles:

Gold Drama

This outfit is a beautiful gold color with gold embellishment concentrated on the neckline. The front of this outfit is gorgeous, but misleading, all the drama is on the back! One of our favorites, its embellishment is very detailed and heavy. This is why it is only available by order! We will have the sample in Houston this weekend though, so you can see it in  and try it on. 

The halter neckline accentuates the neck, collarbone and looks great on broad shoulders. The deep neckline in the back only enhances the beauty of this outfit. Truly dazzling. 

Comes with a sea foam dupatta (scarf) and gold churidar pants.

The beadwork on the back will snag on your hair though, so we advise it be worn with your hair up in a pretty bun, or in a sleek and simple ponytail. An updo also allows people to see the beadwork clearly. 

Try a smokey eye with this. 

Swinging 60’s

This lovely pink dress was inspired by the swinging 60’s. It has a wonderful flare that flatters all body types. There is heavy embellishment on both the front and back necklines and on the sleeves.

The second picture is a close up of the neckline of the Swinging 60’s dress. It is decorated intricately with crystals and pearl beads. Shimmers magnificently, even with the most subtle body movements. 

This dress comes in black, pink, and grey. All three colors will be available to buy on the spot in Houston on March 22, 2013!

Pair this outfit with winged out eye liner, rosy pink cheeks and pretty baby pink lips.

We recommend:

any black liquid, gel, or pencil liner 

Mac blush in Pink Swoon

Buxom’s Lip Tarnish in Wardrobe Malfunction or Mac’s dazzle lipstick in Win-Win or Revlon colorburst lip butter in Sweet Tart